Présentation de la solution

Ensures the right drug, at the right dosage, at the right time, by the right route, for the right patient

  • Packing

    Intelligence built into Thess canister

  • Real-time adjustment

    Remote dosage update from the Thess App

  • Front face of the Thess device
  • Telemonitoring

    Latest generation remote monitoring application

  • Secured-delivery

    Verification of the patient's identity by reading fingerprints

Thess is easy to use, mobile, secure, intelligent and connected to make life easier for chronically ill patient taking oral therapy at home

Thess device and canister
  1. Delivers the prescribed dose in real time
  2. Secures the drug circuit
  3. Allows the healthcare team to adjust dosage and manage repackaging and serialiazation of Thess canisters
  4. Track patient compliance in real time
  5. Allows the patient to share their status with the healthcare team 24/7 through the mobile application (

How to use Thess ?

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