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Who needs Thess?

More and more patients are prescribed oral treatments at home (cancer treatment, pediatric treatment, post-transplant treatment, etc.), requiring a continuous connection with the medical team.

Medical facilities are already adapting to this form of care.

Medical teams expect new digital solutions to simplify their daily job.

Our Thess technology, which digitizes the management and monitoring of therapeutic compliance for oral treatment, fully meets the safety and ease of use expectations of patients taking oral treatment at home.

For what kind of oral therapy can Thess be used?

Today Thess adapts perfectly to treatments which require precise monitoring, complex treatments, multi-therapies and expensive home treatments (eg oral chemotherapy, post-transplant therapy, opioids, etc.)

What are the advantages of the Thess device for patients ?

    Thess has the advantage of simplifying and securing oral therapy at home :
  • Declaration of my side effects
  • No risk of dosage mistakes
  • Portability of the device in all life contexts
  • Permanent contact with the medical team throughout the therapy cycle
  • Responsiveness from the care team
  • Treatment safely taken

How can I benefit from Thess as part of my home therapy ?

Directly with my prescribing doctor if the healthcare facility has Thess technology

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The direct contact with the medical team is essential. Thess takes nothing away from human relations[...]
the team is even closer.

Testimonials collected from a patient using Thess Device.

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